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MOTOVATE is an app-supported incentive program for fleets and families to improve driver behavior and reduce distracted driving.

For more information visit GetMotovate.com

Chasing Bubbles - A Documentary Film

Website: Chasing Bubbles

Successful Kickstarter Project: Chasing Bubbles Documentary

Chasing Bubbles is a documentary about the journey and spirit of Alex Rust, a farm boy turned day trader from Indiana who, at 25, abandoned his yuppie life in Chicago, bought a modest sailboat, and set out to sail around the world, learning as he journeyed.

TextNinja Co.

TextNinja is a gamefully designed solution to texting and driving that uses positive incentives and Bluetooth technology to combat distractions.

Successful Kickstarter Project: Saving Lives by Reducing Text Distractions

Connected Car Bluetooth Technology

TextNinja uses Bluetooth to communicate directly with the car via the OBD port (a standard feature in US cars since 1996), allowing it to accurately distinguish when the user is a driver, a passenger, or riding on a train or bus.

Alexander and the Ocean - A book by Sailboat Books

Sailboat Books are joyous books for children that celebrate being alive on this beautiful planet. The books are written and illustrated by Cathy Kumnick, a former sailor and artist turned self-publisher.

The first title by Sailboat Books “Alexander and the Ocean” is now on the shelves, available in soft and hard cover.

For more information please visit the Sailboat Books website.

Kahuna Surfer - A surfing video game for iPhone and Android

Kahuna Surfer is an indie created video game that puts riding waves into the palm of your hand. Available for both iPhone and Android, this game started as a real-life event, became a successful Kickstarter project, and is a story that keeps getting better.

Successful Kickstarter Project: Kahuna Surfer

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